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Security Watch for Buffalo Springs Lake Residents Only
Note: if you do not live at Buffalo Springs Lake you need to contact your local law enforcement agency for a security watch of your property

Residents or property owners at Buffalo Springs Lake can request a security watch of their properties at any time by simply completing the form below or stop by the gate and fill out a paper request. Security watches are primarily used when you are going to be out of town to monitor the security of your property. While a security watch is active officers will physically check your properties ensuring that all doors and windows are locked. Also officers will monitor for any signs of criminal activities. Anything found will be recorded on the security watch log and you or the person you designate will be contacted.

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Location Address

Name of Resident 

Resident Phone Number

Resident Email Address

Reason for Patrol

Home information:
Please include a list of vehicles and other items officers need to be aware of in the event of an emergency. Also include any information you wish the officers to know about.

Alarm System Lights On
Keys left with anyone?  
Name of key holder
Key Holder Phone Number
Persons with Access to Premises. (Relatives, Worker, etc...)

In case of Emergency do you wish to be contacted by collect call?

Start Watch on (Date and Time)
End Watch on (Date and Time)

Please Read the following statements carefully.
  1. I understand that all information is strictly confidential and that only officers of the police department performing checks of my property will       have access to this information.
  2. I understand that upon my return I must notify the Police department by calling 806-747-0496 (24/7 Phone Number).
  3. I understand that in the event of an emergency I will be contacted by an officer no matter the time of day or night.
  4. I understand that for any non emergency occurrences I will be contact by an officer between the hours of 7am and 12am depending on the circumstances based on the officers best judgment.

Statement of Understanding
I have read and fully understand all statements regarding the security watch request for my residence. I understand I may contact the Police department by phone or email if I have any questions.

   I understand and Agree